N-Viro International Announces Facility Development Agreement in China / N-Viro Energy Limited, in Conjunction with Guangzhou XinMingRun Purification Co., Ltd. to Develop Waste-to-Energy Facility in China

Toledo, Ohio, March 30, 2015 – N-Viro International Corporation (NVIC: OTCQB) announces N-Viro Energy Ltd. (“N-Viro”), our Hong Kong sister company, and Guangzhou XinMingRun Purification Company Ltd., have agreed to develop the first biowaste-to-energy plant utilizing the N-Viro Fuel™ technology.

Guangzhou XinMingRun Purification Company Ltd.’s principal business is in treating urban wastewater and is the owner of the Xintang Sewage plant in Zengcheng, Guangdong Province, PRC. The parties agreed initially that N-Viro Energy Ltd. will structure the project as a 30-year term Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) project. The initial project will be designed to process 300 metric tons of wastewater residuals into N-Viro Fuel. Further development through a comprehensive resource utilization plan will provide for additional facility expansion to service other wastewater treatment plants.

The parties have agreed that the project will employ best practice international advanced technologies with an emphasis on high standards of construction and operation to showcase a comprehensive utilization of the N-Viro Fuel technology for the treatment of waste and its conversion into electricity. The initial project is estimated to require a US$28 million investment by N-Viro Energy Ltd., and the parties have agreed to finalize the definitive agreement in the short-term.

About N-Viro International

N-Viro International Corporation is a leader in the conversion of organic materials generated from industrial, agricultural and municipal sources. The Company’s proprietary, patented technologies, unique services and materials handling expertise are combined to offer turnkey solutions in both soil enrichment and alternative fuel development. For more information, please visit www.nviro.com or the N-Viro International Blog.

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