N-Viro International Extends Line of Credit Agreement

Toledo, Ohio – August 15, 2012 – N-Viro International Corporation (NVIC: PK) renewed for an additional 12 months its $400,000 commercial line of credit  with Monroe Bank and Trust.  In connection with the renewal, the Company entered into a new Commercial Line of Credit Agreement and Note which provides for the new maturity date of August 14, 2013.  Except for the extension of the maturity date, none of the other terms or conditions was changed.

N-Viro-Office-5About N-Viro International

N-Viro International Corporationis a leader in the conversion of organic materials generated from industrial, agricultural and municipal sources. The Company’s proprietary technologies, unique services and materials handling expertise are combined to offer turnkey solutions in both soil enrichment and alternative fuel development. The Company generates revenuesderived from fees that are collected for accepting municipal biosolids and from the processing facilities in the United States and at several international sites that are either wholly owned or operated through licensing agreements.

N-Viro will continue to post press releases and current news on the company website and a discussion forum on the company blog site. We encourage stockholders and interested parties to monitor the site on a regular basis. N-Viro International Website and N-Viro International Blog


About nvirointernational
N-Viro’s customer-driven solutions allow publically owned wastewater treatment facilities to leverage the strength of the company’s leading-edge processes, which include alternative fuel technology proven to reduce GHG emissions and advanced fertilizer products. Our manufacturing facility is in full scale operation producing considerable volumes of finished materials for a variety of customers.

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