Rapid Development of N-VIRO FUEL™

VC Energy and N-VIRO International are expected to move N-VIRO FUEL™ into fast track development-a much-anticipated event for many followers of N-VIRO International Corporation.  

In today’s press release, N-VIRO President and Chief Executive Officer Timothy R. Kasmoch commented that  the partnership with VC Energy had solidified the company’s ability to move forward and rapidly develop multiple projects.

The technology is proven and secured with patents.  The need to eliminate biosolids and actually gain from the process is a great business model and a socially acceptable disposal route.

The wonderful distinction with N-VIRO’ s technology is the synergy between the patents.  First, the sewage sludge is disinfected following EPA regulations. N-VIRO was one of the first to patent the process of using mineral by-products to safely sanitize the sludge making it easier to handle for the next step.  Second, N-VIRO uses another patented process for drying the  product.  N-VIRO’s drying technology does not have  “FIRES in the dryer” like the competition.   Interestingly, early experience with the process showed that ignition of sludge, even raw sludge, was never experienced.  Research by N-VIRO found that addition of mineral materials increased the ignition temperature of the sludge significantly.   This permits the dryer to operate without the fire and explosion control measures required with thermal dryers, and the dryer can easily be started up and shut down.

Technology System 

The treatment method of stabilizing biosolids controls the tendency of explosions.  It is specifically the  drying system used in the production of N-VIRO FUEL™ that achieves volume reduction and provides a flexible alternative to conventional thermal drying.   The non-alkaline drying system uses mineral by-products to enhance heating and drying of organics and produces a more stable product at costs significantly lower than conventional thermal drying. 

Marketability of Biomass-Derived Fuel

N-VIRO FUEL™ is a product with great value for coal-fired power plants seeking alternative energy substitutes.  Michigan State University is testament to the success of co-firing coal with N-VIRO FUEL™  as the test burn conducted in January 2007 demonstrated. 

The marketability of N-VIRO FUEL™, the biomass-derived fuel,  has only just begun.  

Xcel Energy, a public utility based in Minneapolis, Minnesota has developed a renewable energy development fund to further research and development on biomass-derived fuels.  Operationally, Xcel Energy has three power plants—two in Minnesota and one in Wisconsin—that produce about 67 megawatts of electricity from a fuel derived from municipal solid waste or garbage.   

N-VIRO’s biomass-derived fuel is not a waste, it is a transformed wastewater by-product with value and will capture the attention of utilities.  

Public utilities are feeling the heat from climate change mostly due to current public opinion and State Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS).

In summary, the N-VIRO press release filed today is good news for the company and the  “eNVIROment.


About nvirointernational
N-Viro’s customer-driven solutions allow publically owned wastewater treatment facilities to leverage the strength of the company’s leading-edge processes, which include alternative fuel technology proven to reduce GHG emissions and advanced fertilizer products. Our manufacturing facility is in full scale operation producing considerable volumes of finished materials for a variety of customers.

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