Company Highlights

Company Highlights

  • N-VIRO Fuel is a proven technology that has the capability to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions at coal-fired plants and similar facilities.  N-VIRO Fuelhas a net positive carbon footprint and is vital to facilitate power generators to meet the state and federal mandates for alternative power generation.   N-VIRO Fuel™ provides an additional benefit to power generators in the form of renewable energy/carbon credits.
  • N-VIRO International Corporation received endorsement from the US EPA identifying N-VIRO Fuel™ as an alternative, renewable biomass- derived fuel in January, 2009.
  • N-VIRO International Corporation has 15 years experience in the biosolids industry with a strong brand reputation.  Strategies for maintaining competitive advantage are N-VIRO’s proven product quality, service quality/reliability, and patented technologies.

N-VIRO International Corporation currently generates 5 M in revenues from bio-organic processing fees at managed facilities producing   N-VIRO Soil™ ; however the Company is focused toward the development of both international and domestic facilities where the revenue potential for N-VIRO Fuel™ appears to be significant.

N-VIRO’s patented process technology can offer the end-user three different applications – agriculture, co-combustion and combined heat and power. The technology is not capital-intensive and N-VIRO Fuel coupled with other advanced treatment methods provides two independent reuse alternatives with a flip of a switch. The same facility can produce both alternatives, supply and demand ready.  The N-VIRO process has the US EPA’s Class “A”, Exceptional Quality and biomass-derived authorization.

N-VIRO Products

N-VIRO Fuel – supports a low-carbon economy that when mixed with coal combustion products reduce emissions while utilizing abundant and inexpensive coal resources for power generation.

N-VIRO Fuel™ Hybrid System – A combined heat and power (CHP) biomass system that uses clean hot air to power turbine and drying equipment. The hybrid system essentially generates electricity through endothermic combustion.

NVIRO Soil™ – safely “puts back” into the ecosystem an environmentally responsible product that is derived from bio-organic matter and wastewater residuals.

  • Production is supported through manufacturing at full-scale facilities
  • Mobile Pilot Facility available for on site demonstrations of alternative fuel production
  • Market – Agricultural Application: in the United States, Canada and Israel
  • Priced below commercial fertilizers
  • Research established N-Viro Soil  as an industry leader
  • Slow release of organic matter
  • Improves texture and water-holding capacity in soil to promote root growth
  • Supplies nutrients essential for plant growth, including nitrogen and phosphorus, as well as some essential micro-nutrients, such as nickel, zinc, and copper
  • The organic form of nutrients in biosolids are less water-soluble


About nvirointernational
N-Viro’s customer-driven solutions allow publically owned wastewater treatment facilities to leverage the strength of the company’s leading-edge processes, which include alternative fuel technology proven to reduce GHG emissions and advanced fertilizer products. Our manufacturing facility is in full scale operation producing considerable volumes of finished materials for a variety of customers.

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