Sustainable Solutions – The Science of Resource Conversion

N-Viro  International Corporation, founded in 1993 in Toledo, Ohio, is a technology, service,  and process handling firm specializing in resource conversion.  For over a decade, the company has been a  leader in the process conversion of  bioorganic materials.  N-Viro  International Corporation integrates advanced technology with 21st-century  design for successful commercial application of its alternative energy product,  N-Viro Fuel™.

The  N-Viro International Corporation industry brand recognition, strategic  alliances in the United States and in the international marketplace and  patented technological innovations are its distinctive assets; its vision is to  produce a renewable energy resource to sustain a green energy future.  With more than two decades of experience in operations and management, N-Viro International Corporation is poised for the commercial application of   N-Viro Fuel™.

The Company holds International and U.S. patents in the area of bioorganic waste treatment and conversion to biomass fuel.  N-Viro International Corporation is a public company traded on the OTC markets with the stock symbol NVIC.

Alternative Energy Sources-Our Energy Future Depends on Diversifying Our Fuel Mix

Together with the rising cost of fossil fuel prices and end-use energy efficiency trends, the levels of alternative energy generation is projected to increase. Industry experts agree, the way we generate electricity will change.  We rely on fossil fuels like coal for 50% of our electricity, but demand for alternative energy fuel products has dramatically increased due to Federal and State programs, including the Federal renewable fuels standard (RFS) and the State Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS).

There is significant potential to use bioorganics beneficially for energy recovery and State RPS mandates are acting as catalysts driving the alternative energy market to our doorstep.

You can read more about the State Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) by clicking on the link.  The RPS requires electric utilities to supply a minimum percentage of their electric load from alternative/renewable sources.


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